Exchange and return policy

We strictly observe the Russian Law “On Consumer Rights Protection”. Art. 25 of the Law “On Consumer Rights Protection” provides for a consumer’s right to return or exchange non-food products of proper quality within 14 days not counting the day of their purchase.


Pursuant to Art. 26.1 of the Law “On Consumer Rights Protection” a consumer is entitled to reject any commodity purchased from an online store during seven days following the delivery without providing the reasons for such rejection.
Commodities of proper quality may be returned, if their vendibility, consumer properties, as well as the document proving the fact and terms of the purchase are retained.
Where a consumer does not have a document proving the fact and the terms of purchase, he (she) will still be allowed to make reference to other evidence of buying the commodity from a given seller.
A consumer shall not be entitled to reject a commodity of proper quality with specific properties, if the said commodity may be solely used by the consumer purchasing it. (Note: if the commodity in question was made under the consumer’s order).
In the event of rejection of a commodity by a consumer, the seller shall pay back the amount received from the consumer under a relevant contract minus the seller’s expenses for shipping of the returned commodity back from the consumer. The amount paid for a rejected commodity shall be returned to the consumer at the latest within ten days from of the date of the respective claim filed by the consumer.

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Делая отметку в поле "Cогласие на обработку персональных данных", я подтверждаю, что ознакомился с политикой конфиденциальности и пользовательским соглашением и даю свое согласие на обработку персональных данных

С помощью уведомлений о заказе можно не только получать актуальную информацию по заказу, но и иметь быстрый канал связи с магазином